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I get it, It can be a right, royal pain to find affordable local SEO services but who do you trust?

There are so many so-called SEO ‘gurus’ out there claiming to be an SEO Expert because they have taken a 2 hour course on Udemy lol!

…or perhaps they outsource all of their work to some company in Asia…it happens, and far too frequently.

First off, there’s the lazy people who don’t bother vetting the outsourcer they use, and are just interested in the profit!

That makes my blood boil!

Then there’s those who purport to be ‘experts’ themselves, ask for proof!

Let’s face it, SEO can be a minefield, you have to constantly remain at the very top of your game, otherwise your clients will suffer.


I see this all the time. I am called in to FIX a website’s rankings in Google after some fly-by-night SEO Agency has implemented some of the latest ‘black hat’ strategies, and the clients website has tanked because of a Google penalty.

Beware The ‘Black Hat’

affordable local seo services

What do I mean by ‘black hat‘? Well, these are strategies that are against Google’s Terms, but shady marketing agencies are trying to ‘short-cut’ the Google algorithm and promise clients quick rankings in the search engine’s.

This has to STOP!

Google is the most complex algorithm on the planet (after all I used to work there in their Google Digital Garage in Belfast!). So, these shady agencies may get one over on G for a few days or even weeks, but then you know about it!

Your digital assets will be ringfenced and digital penalties applied, that can sometimes take YEARS to improve!

So when you’re searching for affordable local SEO services just be careful!

That’s it, rant over!

Affordable Local SEO Services – But Why Local SEO (AKA Google My Business)?

Do you sell products or services locally? If so, local SEO can be one of the most lucrative digital strategies that your business adopts going forward.


Think about it for a moment, if your prospect is searching for you, say you’re a Plumber in Belfast, then they are likely to search for something like:

  • Plumber near me
  • Plumber Belfast
  • Belfast plumber
  • Emergency plumber Belfast

If they do then your prospect will be displayed something like this by Google:

affordable local seo services

The Holy Grail – The Google ‘3-Pack’

If you are fortunate enough to rank in the Google ‘3-pack’ (otherwise known as ‘Maps’ or the ‘Money-pack’) then these listings will on average receive approx 55% of the enquiries. That’s not to be sniffed at!

Let’s look at it from a customer’s perspective…

These listings are NOT advertisements, people are getting turned off by ads, these are organic (free) listings, and have got there by merit.

They are noticeable.

They display reviews (people buy from reviews!).

People can call the business direct from their mobile phone by pressing the ‘Call Now’ that is available if using a mobile (by the way, approx 80% of people are viewing from their mobile!!).

Therefore you NEED to be showing on the Google Maps 3-pack when someone is searching for you!

That’s why we need to talk!

I will help you get your business in front of your target market!

When people are searching for your local business, I want them to find YOU, and not your competitor.

Something like this:

belfast seo services - belfast seo experts

This is why my company Belfast SEO Experts appears #1 in a HUGELY COMPETITIVE niche…SEO!

If I can do it for SEO, I can do it for YOU!

Let’s jump on a Free 20-minute call and see if I can help you rise to the top and take the lion’s share of the enquiries!

See you at the top,


Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

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