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Does Email Marketing Still Work?

Does email marketing really work?

“Email is the dark ages, social media is where it’s at now”

That was an answer I received when I gentleman jumped up out of his seat to answer this question that I had just asked the audience.

It was a packed room of approx 1,500 people at the Renaissance Hotel Heathrow, London.

I asked the guy to give me actual examples to back up his answer, he couldn’t!

Here’s the thing…

Social Media Marketing is what we call ‘interruption-based’ marketing, we’re not on Social Media specifically to look for an ad for a business.

Email marketing is ‘direct-response’ marketing, it elicits an instant response by encouraging the prospect to take action.

Yes, Social Media Marketing has it’s place, like most forms of marketing, and it has worked extremely well for me. However, with social media marketing you are either extremely lucky or shit hot if you receive a 10% open rate!

This is where email marketing takes the top spot on the podium, so much so you can even start to hear the national anthem playing already!


Take a look at the following image:

email marketing stats
How would you like a 79% open rate?

B2B Email Marketing

This was a recent campaign I sent out to COLD businesses, a B2B (Business to Business) campaign.

Think about this for a moment.

I only sent out 33 emails, 79% of those emails were opened and then a massive 42% replied back to me.

Were some of those replies ‘dont email me again!’

Yes, of course!

But out of those 14 people who had replied, 6 became clients.

Not bad eh, 6 clients from 33 emails!

It is easier to contact businesses cold using email, this is because the businesses will have their email address available in the public domain.

B2C Marketing

Reaching out to CONSUMERS is another kettle of fish altogether!

You need to be aware of the laws pertaining to emailing ‘individuals’.

For more information on the laws governing email marketing there is a really useful article at Law Donut

UK – You can also find out more information here from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)
USA – Please check out the CAN-SPAM act from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website.

You Need To Have Their Permission

When cold emailing ‘individuals’ (rather than businesses) you need to have their permission. After all, how did you come across their personal email?

Emailing individuals comes under the term ‘permission-based’ marketing, which is exactly that. You must have the individuals permission to market to them.

Now were not talking about email your friends or acquaintances here, we are talking about emailing individuals that you don’t already know or done business with.

What’s The Best Way To Do B2C Email Marketing ?

Before I begin, let me tell you a story of a client that I have been working with recently.

Their business is called Green Holiday Cottages.

Before working with me they did not have a process in place to capture email addresses (the right way). The owner was hesitant to place a pop-up on their website because ‘I hate to see those things’, which is understandable. However, not everyone ‘hates to see those things!’

We introduced a simple email ‘capture’ form that pops-up on their website after 7 seconds.

That popup (visit their website to see it in action) gives away something of high-perceived value in exchange for a first name and email address.

Here’s the thing you have to remember. It’s not just some random ‘freebie’, it’s something that is highly relevant.

Prospects who are looking at their website, holiday cottages in the Mourne Mountains, will be interested in receiving a guide on ‘The Top 5 Destinations in Mourne’, agree?

So that’s what we did.

The Steps We Took To Create The Pop-up

1 – Jenny created a fabulous looking infographic using a free infographic maker from and hosted it on her website.

2 – As Jenny’s website is built using the WordPress platform, we downloaded a free plugin called MailMunch, this is what we used to

3 – We connected MailMunch with MailerLite, which is our preferred email marketing platform. It’s FREE and in my opinion knocks the socks off the likes of MailChimp!

4 – We put together the ‘Lead Magnet’ or free giveaway and integrated everything together

5 – We placed the ‘widget’ on Jenny’s website and waited for the results to come in

The Results

Although initially Jenny was hesitant to create an email marketing ‘pop-up’ on her site, the results speak for themselves:

  • 93 new email subscribers in just over 2 weeks!
  • A systematic and proven process that ensures their website works for them, and not the other way around

Why Email Marketing Is Essential In Any Business

It really doesn’t matter if you are a billion-dollar conglomerate or a sole trader, you absolutely MUST have email marketing as one of your top priorities, if not THE #1


Too many people build their businesses on the likes of Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc

What happens when these platforms change their algorithms or increase their advertising prices?

You’ve gotta play or pay, or lose out! Your business is screwed!

When you are building your email list, you own that data!

Not Facebook

or Google

but YOU!

Once you have that data, it is FREE’ish (you will have to pay if you go over 1,000 subscribers, but that’s minimal), so you can give good value, build rapport and ultimately sell a product or service.

That’s why you 100% need to be doing email marketing, and doing it the RIGHT way!

Let’s put the foundations in place for your business.

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